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  1. Some gossip on the actors from My Blueberry Nights

    January 4, 2021 by My Blueberry Nights

    We know the names of the lead actors and actresses of the movie My Blueberry Nights. But the question is do we really know them that well? If yes, then you might know them or be clairvoyant:) which is good for you. But if not, then here are some gossips on the lead actors from My Blueberry Nights.

    • Jude Law
      •  He is on the list of People (USA) Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” in 2000 and 2004.
      •  He has a tattoo on his left forearm with the words from The Beatles song, “Sexy Sadie”, which states “You came along to turn on everyone Sexy Sadie”, representing his ex-wife, Sadie Frost.
      •  During a guest appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (1992), Jay Leno asked him where his name came from, and he said that he was named after The Beatles song “Hey Jude”.
      •  He broke a rib after falling backwards while filming the murder scene on the boat in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999).
      •  When he joined the N.Y.M.T., he was placed in the wrong dormitory because they mistook him for a girl because of his name. He never told anyone but was soon caught and transferred.
      •  He was named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2004 by the People Magazine, Good Morning Quote and Nation Love.
      •  He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
      •  He dropped out of school at age 17, to star in the daytime soap “Families” (1990).
      •  He started acting with the National Youth Music Theatre at the age of 12.
      •  He appeared twice on the cover of GQ magazine: July 2002 and December 2004.
    • Raissa Braidos – owner of Beautified Designs
    • Norah Jones
      •  She is the daughter of legendary Indian musician Ravi Shanker and Sue Jones.
      •  She majored in jazz piano while studying at the University of North Texas but left before her 3rd year.
      •  Her debut album, “Come Away with Me,” has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, making it the highest-selling album in the history of Blue Note Records.
      •  Her boyfriend is her bassist, Lee Alexander.
      •  She has sold more records this century than any other female recording artist in America (as of 2007).
      •  She and her long-time boyfriend, Lee Alexander, had a relationship split in January 2008.
      •  She performed with her father, Ravi Shankar, in New Delhi in 1998.
    • Natalie Portman
      •  She turned down a role in The Horse Whisperer (1998) to act in “The Diary of Anne Frank” on Broadway.
      •  She has taken dance lessons since the age of 4. She still takes ballet classes.
      •  She can speak fluently her two native languages, Hebrew and English. She also knows some conversational French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
      •  She was a member of the environmental song and dance troupe The World Patrol Kids under her real name, Natalie Hershlag.
      •  She is an only child.
      •  She was discovered in a pizza parlor and was originally turned down for the role of Mathilda in Leon: The Professional (1994) because she was too young.
      •  She is trained in ballet, jazz, and tap dancing.
      •  She was named #61 in FHM magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006” supplement.
    • Rachel Weisz
      • Her last name is pronounced as “vice”.
      • She studied English at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University.
      • She lives in a US$450,000 London apartment and drives a Jaguar.
      • She was ranked #30 in Stuff magazine’s 102 Sexiest Women in the World in 2002.
      • She is of Hungarian (from her father’s side) and Austrian-Italian (from mother’s side) descent.
      • She beat out Nicole Kidman for the role of Georgie Jutland in Dirt Music (2011).
      • She grew up a tomboy.
    • David Straithairn
      • He went to Williams College in Williamstown, MA. and Ringling Bros. Clown College, FL.
      • He attended Williams College with director John Sayles, who regularly casts Straithairn in his films.
      • This man loves to wear bracelets.
      • He is of Scottish and Hawaiian descent.

    His last name is pronounced struh-THAIRN.

  2. The actors in My Blueberry Nights

    September 13, 2020 by My Blueberry Nights

    Aside from having a brilliant director, My Blueberry Nights also boasts of its cast – an assembly of great actors and actresses. The following are the lead actors and actresses of the movie, My Blueberry Nights:

    Jude Law

    Norah Jones

    Rachel Weisz

    Natalie Portman

    David Straithairn

    David Russell Straithairn is an American actor with a great hairstyle and a beautiful aura. He was born on the 26thof January 1949 in San Francisco, California. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as journalist Edward R. Murrow in the movie Good Night, and Good Luck.

  3. The soundtrack from My Blueberry Nights

    August 20, 2020 by My Blueberry Nights

    The soundtrack album of the movie My Blueberry Nights was released on April 1, 2008, under Blue Note Records. The songs on this album include the following:

    1.  “The Story”. This song was performed and written by Geethali Norah Jones Shankar, professionally known as Norah Jones. This American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress is one of the lead characters of the movie My Blueberry Nights. This song was courtesy of Blue Note Records, and was published by Mutha Jones LLC / EMI Music Publishing.

     2.  “Living Proof”. This song was performed and written by Charlyn Marie Marshall, or better known as Cat Power. She is an American singer/songwriter, whose minimalist style and sparse playing of the piano and guitar is considered as Alternative Country. This song was courtesy of Matador Records, and was published by Multitude Music LLC (BMI).

    3. “Try a Little Tenderness”. This song was performed by Otis Ray Redding, Jr. or better known as Otis Redding. He was an American singer and songwriter, arranger, record producer,  and talent scout. He is considered one of the best singers in the history of popular music, and a major presence in soul music and rhythm and blues. He died in a plane crash in 1967. The writers of this song were Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly, and Harry Woods. This song was courtesy of Atlantic Record Corp. by arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing, and was published by Music Sales Corporation/R.Schirmer, Inc (ASCAP). Even though the quotes and lyrics in this song can be depressing, it is a beautiful song.

    4.  “Looking Back”. This song was performed by Ruth Brown, an American singer/songwriter and actress who is also known as “Queen of R&B”. She is noted for bringing the style of pop music to R&B music in a sequence of hit songs for Atlantic Records in the 1950s. She died in the year 2006. The song was written by Brook Benton, Clyde Otis, and Belford Hendricks. This song was courtesy of Passport International Entertainment LLC.

    5. “Eyes on the Prize”. This song was performed by Mavis Staples, an American rhythm and blues, and gospel singer, civil activist, and actress. Her career began with her family group, The Staple Singers, in 1950. This song was arranged by her and Ry Cooder, and was courtesy of Anti Records.

    6.  “Yumeji’s Theme”. This song was performed by Chikara Tsuzuki, and was written and arranged by Shigeru Umebeyashi. This song was courtesy of Polystar Co. Ltd., and was published by Emotion Co. LTD / Fun House Music Publishing Inc. It was administered internationally by BMG Music Publishing.

    7. “Skipping Stone”. This song was performed and written by Amos Lee. Born as Ryan Anthony Massaro, he is an American singer/songwriter whose musical style includes folk, rock, and soul. He was working as a schoolteacher and bartender before he became a musician. His manager then submitted a recording demo to Blue Note Records which resulted in a record contract and an association with Norah Jones. This song was courtesy of Blue Note Records (BMI).

     8. “Harvest Moon”. This song was performed by Cassandra Wilson, an American jazz musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Neil Young, one of the most respected and productive rock/folk guitarists of the late 20th century, was the one who composed it. This song was courtesy of Blur Note Records (BMI).

    9. “The Devil’s Highway”. This song was performed by the rock band, Hello Stranger. Members of the band Juliette Commagere with beautiful twist braids, Joachim Herbert Cooder, and Jared Smith, together with Ben Messelbeck, wrote this song. This song was courtesy of Four Square Death Match Records.

     10. “The Greatest”. This song was also performed and written by Charlyn Marie Marshall, known professionally as Cat Power. This song was courtesy of Matador Records, and was published by Multitude Music LLC (BMI).

     11.  “We Got Love”. This song was performed by Ryan Shaw, an American R&B and soul musician. Shaw, together with Jimmy Bralower and Johnny Gale, wrote this song. This song was courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with Sony BMG Entertainment, and published by R Shaw Publishing (ASCAP) / Fancy Footwork Music (ASCAP) and Stonegranate Music (BMI).

     12. “Drume Negrita”. This song was performed by Manuel Galban (a Grammy-winning Cuban guitarist, pianist, and arranger) and Ry Cooder (an American guitarist, singer, and composer). Ernesto Grenet was the one who wrote this song. This song was courtesy of Perro Verde Records and Nonesuch Records by arrangement with Warner Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing. EMI Publishing (ASCAP) published it.

    13. “De Ushuaia a la quiaca”. This song was performed and written by Gustavo Santaolalla, an Argentine musician, film composer, and producer. Two Academy Awards for Best Original Score in two consecutive years for the movies Brokeback Mountain (2006) and Banel (2007) has been awarded to him. This song was courtesy of Nonesuch by arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing and was published by Universal Music Publishing (BMI).

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  4. My Blueberry Nights – The Movie

    July 1, 2020 by My Blueberry Nights

    After In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar Wai scores another worthy film with My Blueberry Nights – a movie about love, hurt and all the adventures in between. Norah Jones, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, David Strathairn and Jude Law top bill this romantic movie.

    My Blueberry Nights Plot

    The adventures of Elizabeth (Jones)  from being a brokenhearted lady to a woman who has found true love is the center of this romantic comedy. The first part of her love saga started with an encounter with Jeremy (Law), a Manchester immigrant with a black men haircut, in New York City. Little did she know that Jeremy will play a big role in her life later on. The cafe that Jeremy owns has become Elizabeth’s refuge when her heart was broken – big time! Elizabeth’s companion during her “emotional recovery” was Jeremy’s blueberry pie.

    But, for Elizabeth (now known as Lizzie), moving on means setting foot in an unfamiliar territory. That is why not even Jeremy or his blueberry pie can stop her from moving to Memphis, Tennessee. In here, she became a waitress while the sun is up and a barmaid as the sun sets in. Since she badly wanted to buy a car, she had no other choice but to busy herself with 2 jobs. Amidst her hectic schedule, she never forgot Jeremy. She sent him postcards but never told me where she was. Jeremy contacted all the nearby restaurants but to no avail. His Elizabeth seemed to be nowhere to be found. And so he sent out postcards to any restaurants, hoping to find Elizabeth (or Lizzie).

    Lizzie’s Memphis experience became exciting when she met the alcoholic local policeman (and one of Lizzie’s regulars) Arnie Copeland (Strathairn). Like Lizzie, Arnie had some love issues with his wife, Sue Lynne (Weisz). He could not accept that his wife left him and that his wife became open to a new relationship. Arnie was so frustrated to the point that he threatened his wife just so he could stop her from leaving. Later on, Arnie died when his car crashed. It was Lizzie who comforted the grieving Sue Lynne. Lizzie received money from Sue Lynne and left the town.

    After this exciting chapter in her adventure, Elizabeth (now Beth) found herself travelling to Nevada where she landed a job as a waitress in a casino. This time she encounters Leslie, a poker player who was not lucky enough in her games. Beth made a deal with Leslie. Beth would Leslie $2200. If Leslie would win, Beth would get one – third of the total winnings. If Leslie would lose, Beth will get Leslie’s car. Luck was really not on Leslie’s side. As promised, she handed the car keys to Beth on one condition – that Beth would drive her to Las Vegas. There, she would borrow money from her father she had not met in years. Another not-so-good news reached Leslie. Her father was in a hospital, dying. She doubted this news, thinking that her father just wanted her back. But everything changed the moment she discovered that her father died the other night. She then decided that she would keep the car – the only reminder left of her father. At that time, she revealed to Beth that she really won in game and gave the agreed amount to Beth.

    With the car of her dreams, Elizabeth went back to Manhattan. Her ex-boyfriend moved on without her. She returned to Jeremy’s cafe that has beautiful garden edging ideas. and beautiful peony flowers. A stool had always been reserved for her in case she would come back. The blueberry pie was still there, waiting for her and making her realize that what she had felt for Jeremy is beyond friendship.

    Thoughts about the Movie

    My Blueberry Nights is not just another movie about romance. It is a depiction of real life drama written from a keyboard – falling in love and getting hurt, believing in love and falling all over again, giving importance to what really matters, living a sustainable lifestyle and a lot more.

  5. Pictures from My Blueberry Nights

    June 14, 2020 by My Blueberry Nights

    A photo of lead actress Norah Jones in a coffee shop taken from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A photo of lead stars Jude Law and Norah Jones in a coffee shop from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A photo of Natalie Portman and Norah Jones from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A photo of Rachel Weisz from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A photo of the arrival of lead stars Jude Law and Norah Jones on the premiere night of My Bluberry Nights


    A picture of David Straithairn from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A picture of lead actress Norah Jones during the premiere night of the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A picture of My Blueberry Nights lead actress Norah Jones


    A picture of lead stars Jude Law and Norah Jones having a kiss and giving their unique rings to each other from the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A picture of lead stars Jude Law and Norah Jones, together with director Wong Kar Wai during the premere night of My Blueberry Nights wearing an awesome mens wedding band.


    A picture of movie director Kar Wai Wong during the premiere night of My Blueberry Nights


    A poster from the Wong Kar Wai film My Blueberry Nights


    A poster picture of the lead characters of the movie My Blueberry Nights


    A still image of Norah Jones and Natalie Portman from the movie My Blueberry Nights

  6. About

    January 1, 2018 by My Blueberry Nights

    Why My Blueberry Nights Movie website?

    If you have fallen in love with this movie or is simply a movie fan, this website is made just for you. This site gives you an insight on what the movie is all about, a review on the actors and actresses in the movie, a rundown on the songs that has made the movie more memorable and a lot more.

    A lot of romantic comedies have thrilled movie enthusiasts around the world. But there is nothing like My Blueberry Nights because it is more than just a romantic comedy in which the boy meets the girl of his dream and their love story ends with “happy ever after”. My Blueberry Nights depicts the realities of falling in love – getting hurt in the process and believing in love one more time despite having felt the pain of being left.

    This website allows to enjoy once more My Blueberry Nights and inspire you to believe in love all the time!