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January, 2018

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    January 1, 2018 by My Blueberry Nights

    Why My Blueberry Nights Movie website?

    If you have fallen in love with this movie or is simply a movie fan, this website is made just for you. This site gives you an insight on what the movie is all about, a review on the actors and actresses in the movie, a rundown on the songs that has made the movie more memorable and a lot more.

    A lot of romantic comedies have thrilled movie enthusiasts around the world. But there is nothing like My Blueberry Nights because it is more than just a romantic comedy in which the boy meets the girl of his dream and their love story ends with “happy ever after”. My Blueberry Nights depicts the realities of falling in love – getting hurt in the process and believing in love one more time despite having felt the pain of being left.

    This website allows to enjoy once more My Blueberry Nights and inspire you to believe in love all the time!