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July, 2020

  1. My Blueberry Nights – The Movie

    July 1, 2020 by My Blueberry Nights

    After In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar Wai scores another worthy film with My Blueberry Nights – a movie about love, hurt and all the adventures in between. Norah Jones, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, David Strathairn and Jude Law top bill this romantic movie.

    My Blueberry Nights Plot

    The adventures of Elizabeth (Jones)  from being a brokenhearted lady to a woman who has found true love is the center of this romantic comedy. The first part of her love saga started with an encounter with Jeremy (Law), a Manchester immigrant with a black men haircut, in New York City. Little did she know that Jeremy will play a big role in her life later on. The cafe that Jeremy owns has become Elizabeth’s refuge when her heart was broken – big time! Elizabeth’s companion during her “emotional recovery” was Jeremy’s blueberry pie.

    But, for Elizabeth (now known as Lizzie), moving on means setting foot in an unfamiliar territory. That is why not even Jeremy or his blueberry pie can stop her from moving to Memphis, Tennessee. In here, she became a waitress while the sun is up and a barmaid as the sun sets in. Since she badly wanted to buy a car, she had no other choice but to busy herself with 2 jobs. Amidst her hectic schedule, she never forgot Jeremy. She sent him postcards but never told me where she was. Jeremy contacted all the nearby restaurants but to no avail. His Elizabeth seemed to be nowhere to be found. And so he sent out postcards to any restaurants, hoping to find Elizabeth (or Lizzie).

    Lizzie’s Memphis experience became exciting when she met the alcoholic local policeman (and one of Lizzie’s regulars) Arnie Copeland (Strathairn). Like Lizzie, Arnie had some love issues with his wife, Sue Lynne (Weisz). He could not accept that his wife left him and that his wife became open to a new relationship. Arnie was so frustrated to the point that he threatened his wife just so he could stop her from leaving. Later on, Arnie died when his car crashed. It was Lizzie who comforted the grieving Sue Lynne. Lizzie received money from Sue Lynne and left the town.

    After this exciting chapter in her adventure, Elizabeth (now Beth) found herself travelling to Nevada where she landed a job as a waitress in a casino. This time she encounters Leslie, a poker player who was not lucky enough in her games. Beth made a deal with Leslie. Beth would Leslie $2200. If Leslie would win, Beth would get one – third of the total winnings. If Leslie would lose, Beth will get Leslie’s car. Luck was really not on Leslie’s side. As promised, she handed the car keys to Beth on one condition – that Beth would drive her to Las Vegas. There, she would borrow money from her father she had not met in years. Another not-so-good news reached Leslie. Her father was in a hospital, dying. She doubted this news, thinking that her father just wanted her back. But everything changed the moment she discovered that her father died the other night. She then decided that she would keep the car – the only reminder left of her father. At that time, she revealed to Beth that she really won in game and gave the agreed amount to Beth.

    With the car of her dreams, Elizabeth went back to Manhattan. Her ex-boyfriend moved on without her. She returned to Jeremy’s cafe that has beautiful garden edging ideas. and beautiful peony flowers. A stool had always been reserved for her in case she would come back. The blueberry pie was still there, waiting for her and making her realize that what she had felt for Jeremy is beyond friendship.

    Thoughts about the Movie

    My Blueberry Nights is not just another movie about romance. It is a depiction of real life drama written from a keyboard – falling in love and getting hurt, believing in love and falling all over again, giving importance to what really matters, living a sustainable lifestyle and a lot more.